ASCLS-Indiana's Goals

  • Maintain relevance to both students and new professionals.
  • Retain new professionals as members of ASCLS.
  • Provide opportunities for established professionals through service, networking, and CE opportunities.
  • Increase the number of ASCLS-IN members and their overall involvement in the society.

Awards and Scholarships

2022 Constituent Society Member of the Year Award Nominee

The purpose of the ASCLS Constituent Society Member of the Year Award is to recognize a member who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and to the state and/or national ASCLS in the past 5-10 years and who has, by outstanding example, inspired others over that time as an active member in the organization.

  • Biz Fisher

2022 Key to the Future Award Recipients

This award serves to recognize and reward ASCLS members who have demonstrated their leadership potential to the organization, and to provide these members with structured mentoring.

  • Biz Fisher


2022 Omicron Sigma Award Recipients

First awarded in 1977, Omicron Sigma is the ASCLS President's Honor Roll for Outstanding Service. It provides lasting recognition of those dedicated members who volunteer their personal resources, time and energy to ASCLS. 

  • Nicholas Brehl
  • Biz Fisher
  • Barbara Spinda
  • Eugene Leser
  • Mary Ellen Wheeler
  • Leah Ames
  • Daniella McCurdy

CICBF Scholarship & ASCLS-IN Scholarship
  • Valerie & Megan



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Announcements List

  • ASCLS New Website Launch

    Good morning ASCLS-IN members! We are excited to announce the launch of our new website asclsindiana.org This new website comes with some great features to our ASCLS-IN members:

    • Easy viewing of all posts from the ASCLS Connect Community directly on our website!
    • Organized planning and viewing of events hosted by your state (and nationals if you wish!)
    • Publications and Announcements will all be posted within this website and the connect community at the same time!
    • Easy access to all of our current leadership positions and availabilities!
    • And many more benefits!
    Please plan to use our new website to stay up to date on all things ASCLS Indiana! Look for new events coming soon!